Yes to Yees.

The go to yogurt drink

If you crave for whole-milk and rich yogurt drinks, then you got to try Yees Yogurt. Hailing all the way from Chinatown, Sydney, Yees Yogurt has expanded to Malaysia and has several outlets nationwide. Having said that, they definitely could do with more outlets in KL.

In less than a month, we have tried NINE, yes 9 Yees Yogurt varieties, but our first order with them was their Avocado Yogurt (RM18.90) and oh boy, it was so satisfying with actual avocado bits in it. So refreshing and flavourful. And there's something about the yogurt they use because it just taste so good with all that fermented goodness and just the right amount of sweetness and sourness!

How luscious and satisfying does that look?

And after trying their delicious Avocado, we just HAD to go back for more. So we then tried their Purple Rice Yogurt (RM14.90) and ahhhh such bliss overcame us! So slurp-worthy with textural chewy bits complementing the drink through the addition of the purple rice (glutinous). The purple rice also makes it a very filling drink, it could almost be an entire meal on its own.

Can you see all that Purple Rice textural glutinous goodness?

After trying both amazing flavours, needless to say we were HOOKED! We just kept coming back for moreeee, right from their Litchi (Lychee), Yellow Peach, Go Nutty (Hazelnut & Pistachio), Taro Purple Rice, Oreo, Matcha Date and their Strawberry yogurt drinks. I know no one else is counting, but I am, and FYI that's a whopping 9 flavours in total! Yes, we are Yees Crazy, they should give us life long loyalty cards or perhaps even make us their brand ambassadors (not kidding).

TO NOTE: Our favourites remain the Avocado and Purple Rice/Taro Purple Rice Yogurt Drinks. Looking forward to trying more flavours as well as their Milk Smoothie Series!

Litchi Yogurt (RM14.90) with subtle yet enjoyable hints of Lychee throughout

Creamy Strawberry Yogurt (RM16.90) with strawberry bits and a slight hint of sourness balanced with sweetness

TO NOTE: Their yogurt drinks can be very filling, best to avoid drinking them after a heavy meal.

My overall verdict: Tash-approved, for sure! To all my yogurt drink lovers, Yees Yogurt is a must try for their satisfyingly rich and flavourful yogurt drinks!

Overall rating: 10/10

Pricing: Ranging from RM15-RM19 for their yogurt drinks (500ml).