Moist flavourful biryani.

So moist. So flavourful.

Now, I am no biryani expert when it comes to identifying types of biryani or how to cook one but I am certainly a biryani taste expert (self-proclaimed). My biryani expectations are set way high.

So when I tell you that Khan's Indian Cuisine in The Sphere at Bangsar South has one of the best and most enjoyable biryanis, you can definitely count on it.

If you love moist and soft biryani rice with tender and succulent lamb pieces, oozing with the heavenly taste of lamb fat, then this biryani IS FOR YOU! Wait no more, go and try it.

It is pricey and will set you back by RM34.90 but it is worth every single cent. Right from the moment it reaches your table, the amazing tantalizing smell of the biryani and lamb fat will immediately greet you, tempting you to dive right into it. And the portion is pretty decent with a good amount of lamb chunks in it.

Let's get up close and personal

Dissection of the lamb biryani. Look at that juicy lamb chunks!

TO NOTE: This is not a South Indian biryani. So do not expect strong spice taste loaded with masala.

To end my meal, I ordered Gulab Jamun (RM12.90) and it was so good! Not overly crazy sweet and the texture of the Gulab Jamun was just right, soft and cake-like and to top things off, it is served with Vanilla ice cream. The combination of cold ice cream and warm Gulab Jamun is just perfect!

If this doesn't tempt you, not sure what will

My overall verdict: Tash-approved, for sure! Despite being on the pricier side, but on the taste meter, both dishes totally smash it.

Overall rating: 10/10

Pricing: RM55.45