Disappointing buttermilk.


Yes, the disappointment is still fresh is my head, sadly! Well, because I truly enjoy buttermilk, hence naturally my expectations are high and I will not be easily impressed.

So, I decided to give this place a try (Ampang Point outlet) after seeing KL Foodie's IG post which claimed that this place is buttermilk heaven, which is true because they have a variety of dishes made in buttermilk style. To top things off, KL Foodie then goes on to say that this place is perfect for buttermilk lovers! OH BOY, this is blasphemy on SO MANY levels!

Be warned I say, the buttermilk taste is very mediocre and nothing like the OG buttermilk. It certainly lacked the curry leaf flavour, it did not have any chili padi spice and the consistency of the buttermilk is very thin. I shall let the pic below do the rest of the talking, you go ahead and judge for yourself.

Nasi Volcano with Spicy Buttermilk Sauce - 5/10 stars, RM19.91

Errr...where is the curry leave or chili padi, both of which are the main ingredients of authentic buttermilk? And when KL Foodie posted about this very same dish, it looked a million times better! Refer to pic below.

NO! It is not a must-try!

Worlds apart right? Look at the amount of spicy sambal poured over their dish and what crappy amount I got? Please don't even bother trying unless you have low expectations. A ridiculously priced dish on top of that for the quality served.

Anyways, moving on, thankfully their Nasi Kukus Peha with Buttermilk rescued them, but then again it wasn't the buttermilk part that saved the day, it was every other component of the dish that was good. In fact, the buttermilk was the only meh item on the plate.

Nasi Kukus Peha with Buttermilk - 7/10, RM13.55

The kerisik stuff is good and crunchy, chicken is pretty tender and juicy and the sambal sauce was yums with a strong kaffir lime leaf flavour. Again, look at the miserable amount of spicy sauce in the buttermilk.

Okay, that's basically where the good starts and stops because their drinks were a total let down as well. Their Milo Eruption was so mehhh and absolutely nothing about it was eruptive, too thin and too much milk/water. With the word eruption used, one would only expect a next level version of Milo Dinosaur! Their Coconut Shake was too icy (not well blended) and not coconutty enough.

Milo 'Eruption' - 4/10 stars, RM7.18 (TOTAL RIP OFF!)

Coconut Shake - 5/10 stars, RM9

You can tell from the pic how mehhh the Milo was...

Sighhh just writing this review leaves me feeling utterly disappointed!

My overall verdict: NOT worth your visit unless you are easily pleased.

TO NOTE: Their menu prices are inclusive of SST.

Overall rating: 5/10

Pricing: RM54.60