Mexican for two.

Mexican for two

Pretty girl (a.k.a. Chica Bonita)? More like hella pretty skulls!

Anyways, off to more relevant information, just before MCO came into place, we decided to give this place a try thanks to the ever tempting nachos that is all over social media. Yes I can resist everything but temptation. So off we went and we were greeted by an extremely vibrant restaurant, brimming with people.

What did we order for the night? Well, no thanks to a slight misunderstanding (on our end) while placing our order, we ended up ordering Nachos Libre instead of the widely spoken about La Bomba Nachos. We also ordered the Pulled Beef Barbacoa, Chicken Quesadillas La Diva and for desserts we had Churros and Sizzling Dulce de Leche Brownie. Needless to say we had to order Mezcal and Tequila, because when in Rome (read Mexico), do as the Romans (read Mexicans).

Nachos Libre - 4.5 stars, RM32

A portion fit for four, not two, don't make the same mistake we did! The Nachos Libre comes with baked corn chips topped with two types of cheese and served with sour cream, frijole, salsa roja and your choice of either guacamole/chicken/beef (add ons), we ordered beef.

TIP: Dip your chip into all four sides and enjoy a burst of flavours as you bite into it.

Next, we have the Pulled Beef Barbacoa - 5 stars, RM13

Juicy goodness dripping all over as you savour this succulent pulled beef wrap. A small portion that serves more as an appetizer.

TIP: Add the habanero sauce if you are a fan of spicy stuff.

Moving over to the Chicken Quesadillas La Diva - 3.8 stars, RM23

This one looks better than it tastes. Personally, I feel it could have done with more flavour, but having said that the tortilla itself was toasted well with a nice crisp, cheesy and pretty filling.

For desserts we had their Churros - 3.5 stars, RM18

Well, to begin with, I'm no churros fan and this dish reminded me why I'm not one. It was okay, definitely not deserving of the 'thumbs up' depicted in the menu. Buttttt...........

their Sizzling Dulce de Leche Brownie - 5 stars, RM26 is gooood stuff, that is well-deseving of the 'thumbs up', maybe even two!

AHHH, look at that to-die-for Dulce de Leche sauce/confection bubbling away surrounding that warm, soft and gooey brownie! If only they were more generous with the Dulce de Leche *one can always hope*.

And knowing that not ordering Tequila/Mezcal when in a Mexican place is absolute blasphemy, we got ourselves both, Tequila and Mezcal. Yes, we did not want to anger the Gods.

Left: Loco Paloma, 4 stars, RM38 Right: Classic Mezcal, 4.5 stars, RM32

The Loco Paloma is served in a huge vase like clay vessel, portion is good for two people unless you are planning on spending a long time sipping on it, and it comes with a ton of fruits in it, it is a very filling drink. As the drink hits your tongue, you will taste the Tequila and as the drink settles down your throat, you get the Mezcal flavours in the aftertaste, accompanied with some spice, grapefruit soda and lime. As for the Classic Mezcal, its just plain Mezcal and lime juice shaken with ice, allowing you to fully taste and savour the warm ,smoky and rich Mezcal taste.

My overall verdict: Tash-approved! Good Mexican food which is decently priced.

Overall rating: 8/10

Pricing: +/- RM210 for 2 pax