The wolf of Bukit Tunku.

We love it, so will you

Just a random café we decided to try as part of our cafe culture and.... we love it! It has become our go-to café, which we visit ever so frequently! For our first visit, we ordered the usual suspects, Ice Blended Mocha (RM16) & Iced Dark Chocolate (RM12). Thought we would stop there but as we continued to browse the menu, we saw that they serve FUSION PASTA! Not just the usual salted egg kinda fusion but the Beef Dendeng kinda fusion! And I absolutely love fusion pasta so when i saw it on their menu, i jumped right at it! But okay, let's talk coffee/beverage first.

The appearance of that Mocha alone speaks volumes about how it tastes. Also, look at that cool aztec designed iced cups!

So we waited anxiously, not knowing how the drinks would taste, hoping it won't be a disappointment, and to our very pleasant surprise, it was good! The best, sip-worthy mocha we ever tried, delivering a delicious nutty chocolatey flavour with a good balance of chocolate. Their Iced Dark Chocolate was good too with a prominent chocolatey flavour, which isn't diluted. They also have regular Iced Mocha (RM14) which is less sweet and more suited for true Mocha lovers who indulge in the blissful combination of coffee and chocolate.

TO NOTE: On one or two occasions, the coffee was slightly burnt and the Iced Dark Chocolate has been light and diluted. This is solely dependent on the barista on duty.

TIP: I suggest you immediately try the drink before leaving the premises and have them fix it for you, if needed. P.S. they do it FOC :)

Okay, now that we are done with 'coffee' talk, it's food time! What makes Wolf & Turtle that much better is the fact that not only are their drinks good, their food is too! You have to try their Cheeseburger (RM20) and Spicy Dendeng (RM20) pasta. So good despite the slightly smaller portion served, which to be fair is proportionate for the price you pay. But back to what actually matters, that Cheeseburger is so satisfying! Every bite you take is packed with their punchy secret sauce which coats the juicy meaty beef patty, sandwiched by fluffy and soft buns! AHH....YUMS!

Okay fine, this picture does not do this amazing dish ANY justice. Guess you just got to go try it for yourself, HAHA!

Don't get me started with the Spicy Dendeng, oh boy! It is spicy, flavourful and has lots of actual moist tender beef pieces, not minced beef nor beef bacon or beef strips, but actual beef pieces. So yummy, so fusion, so repeat worthy (eat again and again laa)! And to further fusionify it, the dish comes with fried egg and cucumber as sides.

Yes yes, another bad picture, but nothing about the taste is bad, only tummy and palate satisfying flavours.

My overall verdict: TASH- APPROVED INDEFINITELY! Now stop drooling and go try all these yums food and drinks instead.

Overall rating: 10/10

Pricing: This meal costed us RM68.