Fancy instant noodles.

Fancy instant noodles

Do you fancy instant noodles? If you do but have been wondering how to take your favourite comfort food to the next level, search no more as MAMA Mee @ Cheras Taman Yulek (a.k.a. Ye Xiao Canteen) has the solution for you, and a fulfilling one on top of that. They have taken regular MAMA Mee instant noodles and elevated it to give you a more wholesome meal.

I'm not a fan (not that I dislike it but I'm just neutral about it) of instant noodles but I absolutely love Thai food, especially a bowl of heartwarming and soul-satisfying Tom Yam. So, when I learnt about this place from a fellow foodie friend, I just HAD to go and try.

Before I proceed, I must highlight that this place is always crowded and there will be a queue even before the shop opens (at 6pm before MCO). So, it would be best if you get there at least 15 mins before opening time and stand in queue. While impatiently waiting for the shop to open, get yourself the menu and order slip, go through the tempting options they offer and decide for yourself what you want to indulge in.

Excited me awaiting my bowl of MAMA Creamy Tom Yam Meatball for two pax.

But I personally recommend that you try the MAMA Creamy Tom Yam Meatball or MAMA Creamy Tom Yam Deluxe (meatballs + seafood) before venturing to try their other dishes. We tried the former and opted to have smoked duck as a add on, which proved to be a good decision.

TO NOTE 1: Everything is self-service here. Right from ordering, to paying, to getting yourself some condiments (cili padi + soy sauce) right up to even helping yourself to small bowls (for those who want to share meals).

Oh-my-YUMS! Just look at that bowl of yummy goodness!

This bowl promises you flavourful soup - tangy, creamy (due to the addition of evaporated milk) and moderately spicy but you can always take this to the next level by adding as much cili padi as you please. The addition of lemongrass, galangal, kaffir lime and coriander leaves gives the soup a wonderful touch of freshness, fragrance and lots of flavour, typical authentic Tom Yam style. And if that doesn't already make you happy, their springy al-dente noodles and tons of toppings - jiggly egg yolks, fresh seafood (prawns & squids), kampung/onsen egg, oyster mushrooms, lime slices (squeeze it to add a kick of zing to the soup) just makes your indulging experience that much better. And, their generously-sized, chunky, meaty homemade pork meatballs seals the deal!

TO NOTE 2: Each bowl is cooked upon order, so it will take some time despite being 'instant noodles'.

Aerial view of our meal.

To accompany our food, we also ordered their Thai Iced Lemon Tea (RM4) and Thai Green Milk Tea (RM6). The former being light and refreshing whereas the latter is milky with slight sweetness.

TO NOTE 3: The drinks have too much ice, be sure to request for less ice. Also, they are very pricey! Best to just skip the drinks.

TO NOTE 4: They have another branch in Kepong Baru.

My overall verdict: Tash-approved! A must try if you love instant noodles and Tom Yam, this is a marriage of both worlds or if you are just craving for an elevated version of instant noodles. If only they replaced instant noodles with proper, healthier noodles.

Rating: 9/10

Pricing: RM12.80 + RM3 for three slices of Smoked Duck