The morning before.

The morning before

Am I the only one still in disbelief that it is already the last day of 2020?! The entire year just flew right by! Anyhoos, I decided to start the last day of the year by treating my parents to a small breakfast do at one of our regular café spots, Kopenhagen Coffee at Vista Kiara Condo, Mont' Kiara. Stumbled upon this one some time back when I started getting into my café hunting spree.

This one is a minimalist Danish-themed cafe embracing the hygge way of life, to bring you a Scandinavian Café experience. In their attempt to transport the Nordic flavours to your plate, they have also taken into consideration the dietary requirements of Vegans, the Lactose Intolerant,Gluten-Free peeps as well as the Vegetarians, a pretty inclusive café.

Before I share what we ordered and my review, just a quick backgrounder on what they serve for breakfast. For those of you big on breakfasts, Kopenhagen serves an all-day breakfast menu whereby you can choose between 2-7 dishes to create your breakfast board, ranging from RM14 to RM39. Yup, they serve your breakfast on a platter, very cutesy and I felt like I was having breakfast in bed. As for the dishes, you can pick from across 6 categories - Bakery, Eggs, Fruits & Greens, Dairy, Meat & Fish and seal the deal with Sweet Treats.

And now moving on to what we ordered, err...not every dish managed to be photographed, kindly be nice to me, haha.

Iced Dirty Matcha with an extra shot of pretty does that look & it's good too!

You have to try their brookies, they are divine! Soft, chocolatey and packed with a strong salted caramel flavour. They also have them in other flavours - coconut, peppermint, chocolate, peanut butter and raspberry. The hot chocolate is nice but they could have melted the cocoa powder into a smoother paste prior to adding the milk as there were a lot of cocoa powder sediment towards the end of my drink.

My breakfast board with 3 dishes. I had the breakfast board with three dishes - croissant, Greek yoghurt with granola & fruits and raspberry compote and added butter (+RM2) to my meal. Soft and flaky croissant, filling and creamy yoghurt bowl and a very potent homemade raspberry compote, could be toned down for better enjoyment.

Breakfast board with 2 dishes. Fresh salmon served in just the right portion to be paired with the croissant.

We also ordered a slice of Lamington which was good, coconutty and not too sweet and also ordered a Flat White and another breakfast board like the above but with Smashed Avocado with Chili Flakes instead, which was buttery and creamy with a tinge of spice - all of which weren't photographed :(

My overall verdict: Tash-approved! Give it a try for your next breakfast outing.

Rating: 9/10

Pricing: RM150 for 4 pax