Get Fat With Tash

Food shenanigans from a food enthusiast that's always hungry, or perhaps greedy

HEADS UP! Don't proceed further if you intend on losing weight.

What is life without good food & booze? Pointless!

Fats for the WIN!

Firstly, let me start by saying that we could all do with some, okay fine, more than some fats! After all, what kind of life would it be if we spent it on just eating healthy, counting calories, dieting and having to omit all that awesome soul-satisfying, heavenly food and drinks? A wasted one of course!

Can you imagine a life without that much-needed wholesome goodness and happiness? I for one certainly can't! All I see is doom and gloom looming right in front of my eyes! Hence, the birth of this blog - Get Fat with Tash! I live to eat and find utmost joy devouring good food and sipping on delectable drinks - my one and only true saviour that keeps me going.

2021 is just a blink away and if you are one of those who has grand plans on trying to lose weight or get fit, this blog isn't for you! Slowly back away, close the tab and do all you can to stay away, for as long as you can, *wink*.

My goal for 2021 is to avoid all things that make me look and feel fat, so yes, I will be actively avoiding mirrors, scales and photographs and shall instead devout myself to discovering and sharing good eats and drinks, helping you skip the ones that aren't worth your time, money and effort.

So, here's to an amazing year ahead, and if all goes south, at least you have my blog to fall back on to keep you going throughout 2021 with good food and drinks! Cheers to eating and drinking well and surviving 2021.

P.S. Remember to savour the flavours in moderation, haha!

Happy 2021, CHEERS!